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Wireline Impregnated Diamond Core PQ,HQ,NQ ,BQ,AQType Bits for Drilling



Manufactured with very small, high quality synthetic diamonds mixed evenly through a metal matrix. The matrix hardness is chosen to suit the rock formation, so that it wears evenly throughout the life of the bit, exposing new sharp diamonds.

The main crown technical parameters of impregnated diamond core bits include diamond grade,size,concentrarion and quality,matrix hardness and crowm shapes.The users can make rational selections according to the formations to be drilled.To avoid excessive bit wear,tungsten carbide inserts are used on both sides on the waterway,and gage stones are a bit larger.

Our impregnated diamond core bits are the most commonly useful bits in the mineral exploration industry, as they have the widest range of application. The carefully selected grades of high quality synthetic diamond are distributed in the depth of impregnated bit's matrix series.

Basic info

Original: Wuxi, China

Certification: ISO9001

Price: Negotiable


Crown height:9mm,10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm

Usage: Wireline core barrel parts

Matrix hardness:F0-F18

Water way:8/12

Payment term: TT, LC

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: export standard



1. Significantly outperforms the successful Series range in drilling speed and bit life.

2. Protects the diamond from oxidation and surface degradation.

3. Inhibits the premature "pull-out" of the diamond.

4. Available in multiple standard configurations and selected on the basis of relative rock hardness and ground conditions.

We specialized in producing of varies diamond drilling tools, such as impregnated/ surface-set diamond core bit, diamond casing bit, diamond casing shoe bit, casing shoe bit, reaming shell, diamond reaming shell, TC core bit, TC casing shoe bit, TC shoe bit, Thin Wall Bit, core lifter, core lifter case, Core Barrels,  etc.

With ISO certificate & quality control.

Type of the bit matrix

The matrix of our impregnated bits is designed to expose new diamonds to the bits' cutting face as wear occurs. Fast penetration rate is maintained as a result of this action, also with long life using time is important, meanwhile it will keep the cost of diamond drilling to a minimum.  

The optimum diamond size, concentration and matrix type are dependent on the hardness and abrasiveness of the formation to be drilled.



Bits package:

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If you're looking for Cost Effective Wireline, Single, Double Tube, Impregnated Diamond Core PQ,HQ,NQ ,BQ,AQType Bits for Drilling, welcome to consult the quotation with our factory. We're one of the leading Diamond Core Bit manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering low price and excellent service. For customized products, contact us to inform us of details now.


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