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Wireline diamond core bit welding technology and introduction

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-09-20      Origin:Site

Wireline diamond core bit in practical applications with good results, which is actually mainly due to its production process. Next, we will mainly introduce the common welding technology and its application of the wired diamond core drill, hoping to help everyone.


First, the performance of a wireline diamond core bit is somewhat affected by the quality of the weld. In the current process of welding, the main use of the laser welding process. In the welding process, in order to ensure the welding quality, so need to select the appropriate process parameters.


Based on the current application situation, the wireline diamond core bit has already occupied an important influence in the geological exploration work, and at the same time relied on its many advantages in the drilling of marble, granite, reinforced concrete walls and the like Has a very wide range of applications.


In comparison, wireline diamond core bit not only drill faster, but also for the stone negative impact caused by relatively small, but also does not undermine the surrounding environment. Under normal circumstances, this diamond drill steel connected to the substrate by a diamond matrix material by pressing a composite sintered body, which is usually said cutter.


From the working characteristics of wireline diamond core bit to analyze, because of its faster, and vulnerable to strong shocks, so the need for high shear strength and high temperature strength. For such work requirements, the use of laser welding to reflect the obvious sometimes, on the one hand can achieve higher strength, the tip is not easy to fall off, but also can reduce the probability of cracks appear.


Finally, from the analysis of the structure of the wireline diamond core bit, due to the structural design and manufacture reasonable, the practical application has achieved good results, and the users reflect well.


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