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Wireline coring operation essentials

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Coring operations should do the following:

1. When seepage lost hole no flushing fluid, use salvage device into the hole, Can also take an appropriate amount of liquid into the rinse quickly  put inside and outside tube assembly.

2. After confirming the internal and external pipe assembly in place can be drilled, drilling in case of core plugging or footage close to the length of the core pipe should be stopped drilling, and appropriate flushing drilling.

3. Fishing core, according to the specific circumstances using the hole salvage method or on-board salvage method (which can be equipped with special water connector, unloading the gland can be through the total tube).When drilling ,the drilling tool on the machine can not leave the bottom of the hole,conducive to drilling complex crushed formation,And you can use the drill rotary slow drill hole , prevent hole wall to adsorption drill pipe, which is particularly important.

4. Large inclination and horizontal hole wireline coring drilling,Drill rod should have a special agency for drilling,When putting the inner tube assembly and fishing core,Operated by a specially designed safety conveyor device.

Operating procedures are:

(1) Dissection of the inner tube: plug the inner tube into the drill pipe, and then plug into the safety conveyor,Connect the sealed connector, start the pump by pump pressure to send the inner tube,Put forward the conveyer after it is in place,then drilling.

(2) to retrieve the inner tube:At the end of the return, remove the weight of the salvage rod connected to the conveyor plug into the drill pipe , Connect the sealed connector, start the pump,By pumping the salvage device will be delivered to the top of the hole at the bottom of the tube assembly,Catch the spear, pull out the inner tube assembly and coring.


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