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Wireline coring drilling technology preparation work

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Wireline coring drilling is more advanced than conventional drilling, which is a very obvious and superior method of drilling.Our country is vigorously universal drilling method to adapt to all kinds of seam drilling construction,Swing-percussion drilling combined with a hydraulic impactor further increases the rate of penetration of hard rock formations,Expand the scope of application of wireline coring drilling,And effectively reduce the drilling bending and core plugging phenomenon.Therefore, wireline coring should be preferred when possible.


Prior to the construction of wireline coring drilling, on-site operators must undergo technical training,Proficiency in the use of the principle of wireline coring drill structure and the use of maintenance procedures,

Proficiency in drilling conditions can be selected according to drilling parameters, to ensure the smooth progress of coring drilling.


The specific preparations before drilling are as follows:

1. Rig selection of power head drilling rig or large-hole spindle drilling rig, it is best to achieve the machine coring.Mud pumps, wireline winch, and unscrew hoisting plug tools to be a reasonable choice and have reliable performance.

2. Drill pipe, drill selection, according to rock formation complexity and hole depth of the conventional drill pipe, reinforced drill pipe or imported high-quality drill pipe, broken loose stratum should be selected with semi-pipe or three pipe (the third layer For semi-co-management) drill.

3. Drilling structure design, usually when the hole does not exceed 1000 meters,It is advisable to use a borehole structure with one or two diameters in the end. Only when the formation is complex and the hole depth is large, the borehole structure with multi-path hole formation is adopted.Multi-purpose metal mine S75 (NQ), S60 (BQ) aperture;

Sedimentary rocks in coal mines, oil shale and other loose formations with S95 (HQ), S75 (NQ) aperture,The drill diameter should be greater than the conventional outer diameter of 3-5 mm.


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