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Wireline coring drilling common troubles and troubleshooting

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1. Salvage device can not catch the tube assembly, the reason is fishing spear damage;Rock powder precipitation or physical coverage spearhead;Salvage hook damaged or tail spring break and failure. Repeated salvage ineffective, proposed salvage, jacking inspection.

2. Salvage catch the inner tube assembly pull not move,The reason is that the core is blocked or stuck down,So that the inner tube assembly in the drill bit between the step and the top of the head stuck;The bottom of the core was inverted mushroom head shape,stuck in the bottom of the drill;The elastic pin of the retainer comes off and catches the recovery tube.The lower end of the retainer seat and the threaded portion of the inner pipe are blocked and deformed due to the core and can not pass through the seat ring of the outer pipe assembly ; Suspension rings and seat ring serious damage to stuck each other ; Elastic card stopper fork break,Inner tube assembly stuck and so on.

The way to deal with this is to use a safety card removal mechanism to unhook the salvage device.If it is confirmed that the core mushroom head caused by the drilling tool will be placed at the bottom of the hole grinding, and then under the fishing trial fishing, if invalid raised drilling.

3. Do not pull on the way to meet the resistance during the recovery, the reason is that drill pipe thread deformation,Block the inner tube assembly through;Inner tube serious bending deformation, pass the drill pipe;The mud used in the poor quality, impurities, drill pipe crust thickness, hinder the inner tube assembly through.The treatment method is to first put off the proposed salvage, drill to check the reasons for replacement of substandard drill pipe or inner tube;Adjust mud performance and remove mud and sand effectively.

4. Salvage the inner tube missing or inadvertently, the reason is the retainer and drill bit diameter does not match;Inner tube assembly is not put in place or play cards ineffective when drilling within the string, forming a "single tube" drilling;Rock loose soft drilling sentence structure is irrational, drilling rules unreasonable.The treatment method is to check the circlip; to find the reason for playing a single tube; using advanced internal pipe, with a semi-co-pipe and bottom-jet drill and other reasonable drilling tools.

5. The reason for the low drilling efficiency is that the rock formation is hard and exceeds 10 levels.Stratified easily blocked inner tube; drill bit poor quality and strata mismatch;Excessive wear and tear of the inner diameter of the drill core is thicker than the trapped spring;Damaged circlip, damaged inner tube, blocked core.The approach is to put forward the inner tube assembly and check and replace the damaged parts;Use drill bits and drilling rules compatible with the formation;

Using a cord back to the liquid impactor coring drill to increase the rate of drilling to reduce core blockage and improve back to the footage length.


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