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Wireline coring drill assembly matters needing attention

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Wireline coring drill assembly, inspection and adjustment of the coring drill, the newly adopted cord coring drill under the hole,In accordance with the instructions on the inside and outside the tube assembly and salvage should be carefully checked,Then the inner tube assembly into the outer tube assembly, adjust the length of the inner and outer tube, and try to use the salvage tube fishing tube assembly, confirm the technical requirements before use.

1. Assembly of outer pipe assembly should pay attention to: outer pipe bending per meter is not more than 0.3 mm; righting ring no deformation; stabilizer outer diameter should be slightly smaller than the reamer; all threads to be coated wire oil, and enhance the seal Easy to unscrew.

2. When assembling the inner pipe assembly, pay attention to the following: Screws of each part should be tightened, in particular, to prevent buckling of the spring retainer (designed to be buckled);Flexible loading into the retainer, wings should be wider than the spacing of the retainer room;When the drill has a place to declare the mechanism, adjust the working spring pre-pressure according to the hole depth;Single-action mechanism flexible, bearing bush filled with butter;Reed inner diameter and drill inner diameter to match the drill bit smaller than the inner diameter of 0.5 mm is appropriate.

3 salvage installation Zhouzheng, rear flexible and flexible spring, the head opened a distance of 8-12 mm is appropriate; take off the retainer to ensure safe retainer .

4. When the inner and outer tube  assembly, the top surface of the elastic retainer and the elastic card retaining head should maintain a distance of 3-4 mm; the spring seat and the bit within the drill should have 2-4 mm gap.


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