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Why is the formation of the Hw diamond casing shoe the most easy to break

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Hw Diamond Casing Shoe: The upper end is connected to the bushing, and as far as its lower end is concerned, we actually have to be aware that it is itself chamfered and will be threaded or otherwise connected to the shoe Special short section


Float shoes: shoes, Hw diamond casing shoes and valve body made of one device.


Float hoop: A drillable check valve mounted on the upper coupling of Hw diamond casing shoes.


Supporting ring (blocking ring): In fact, it refers to the cement used to control the downstream position of the rubber stopper, so to speak, that is, to ensure that the length of the cement pipe plug casing.


Drilling Hw diamond casing easier to crush the formation of shoes, and why?


With the increase of well depth, the pressure of liquid column in the wellbore will increase accordingly. At this time, we actually will be Hw diamond casing shoes for the community, the upper strata that is, there will be casing protection, the lower strata that will be accompanied by the depth of the increase in compaction level that is, Bursting pressure will increase, in the end, to a large extent, it will lead to casing pressure on the place where the crack is relatively small.


In the event of gas invasion and other related issues, the casing back pressure on the ring that will be increased, will lead to Hw diamond casing shoes on the maximum gradient, which is where the phenomenon will be more prone to rupture . There is a calculation formula is denm = (dene * L + dP) / L can illustrate this problem. Denm is equivalent to the formation fracture density, L is the depth of the well, dP is the annulus back pressure, dene that is, when the formation will burst drilling fluid density.


In this regard, we assume that denm is a constant, if L is smaller, it will be smaller for dene. Hw diamond casing shoes where the depth of the smallest L, the required drilling fluid density in the formation of rune will be the smallest, then, on the Hw diamond casing shoes where it will be easier to be pressure broken.


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