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What rock formations and ground conditions are drilled with Surface Set Diamond core Bit?

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In the early geological exploration, some alloy bits were used, but the brittleness of the alloy in drilling into the rock layer caused it to break easily, and the strength of the alloy was obviously insufficient when drilling into the rock. Therefore, specially developed Surface Set Diamond core Bits have greatly improved their strength and cutting ratio.


For now, this Surface Set Diamond core Bit has been used in various fields, such as oil and gas drilling is basically used it. The reason is that most of them drilled to depths of several kilometers, and sometimes need to guide drilling, drilling equipment equipped with surface diamond drill bit can provide drilling parameters and performance is unmatched by the geological industry drilling rig.


Followed by the coal field drill bit, the use of Surface Set Diamond core Bit; also mudstone, red sandstone and other complete soft rock drilling, due to the strong rock debris of these rock formations, it is relatively easy to form a gel blocking outlet, thus affecting The circulation of the rinsing fluid leads to a reduction in drilling efficiency, and the use of Surface Set Diamond core Bit can avoid such problems.


There are also pebble-like fillers and reinforced concrete that are drilled with Surface Set Diamond core Bit. The selection of surface set diamond drills for such complex formations not only improves the efficiency of the footage, but also makes them more wear-resistant and helps to extend the service life of the drill.


In the actual core drilling process, the use of surface set diamond drill bit for drilling, the conventional bedrock drilling can be performed with high cutting efficiency, achieving the maximum balance between drilling efficiency and drilling cost, to meet the various needs of users.


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