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What is the surface set diamond core bit? What should pay attention to when using?

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In fact, there are many different types of drill bits available in the market at present. One of them is a surface set diamond core  bit, which belongs to a kind of diamond drill bit. The drill bit body is cylindrical, made of steel, the upper part  with threaded buckle, the lower part of the sinter with a drill carcass. Normally diamond particles  are encased in the surface of the bit body.


It should be noted that the price of surface set diamond core  bit is relatively expensive, and in practical applications, generally only for some difficult hard to drill into the formation. This is because the bag is usually encased in natural diamond, so the cost is higher. The outer diameter of the carcass is slightly larger than the diameter of the steel body, the inner diameter is less than the inner diameter of the steel body, and the inner and outer sides and the bottom of the carcass are provided with grooves through which water can flow. During drilling, the rinsing liquid flows through the rock powder and cools the drill bit.



Thus for the user, care must be taken during the application in order to prevent damage to the surface boring bit. Therefore, in drilling operations, we must be careful operation, as much as possible to reduce the extent of damage. In addition, since drills of this type perform somewhat poorly in terms of thermal stability, it is important to ensure the drill's cooling and cleaning quality during use.


In addition, due to the performance of the surface set diamond core  bit more brittle, so its own in the impact there are some shortcomings. Therefore, we suggest that everyone in the process of operation, we must strictly follow the relevant rules to carry out rigorous and standardized operation, so as to avoid damage.


In summary, the performance of the surface set diamond core  bit is usually used to drill some of the more special hard formations. In addition, because of its own special performance, so users need to pay more attention in the application.


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