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What is the method to judge whether the diamond bit drilling procedure is reasonable?

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In actual work, there are many factors that will affect the diamond drill performance. In addition to its own quality,  the daily operating skills have a great relationship. At the same time, the choice of drilling procedure is reasonable or not to a certain extent affect  of diamond bits life . So do you know any ways to judge whether a drilling protocol is reasonable?


For now, mainly through two methods to judge, the first is based on the wear status of diamond bits to determine the drilling rules are reasonable. Specific contents include: 1, under normal circumstances, the bottom lip of the drill should be arc-shaped, and hemp uniform, which means that bit weight and flushing fluid properly; 2, the bottom lip  smooth and bright, and no hemp Mark, this situation shows no diamond below the drill.


In addition, when looking at the bottom of the diamond bit, if found at the bottom of the bell-shaped bellows, and the inner no hemp marks. This situation means that the amount of flushing fluid is too large, and there is no diamond in the drill bit, directly friction with the core. Conversely, if the amount of flushing fluid is too small, then you can see the bottom of the drill ground into an outer cone, and the cone is relatively smooth.


Another way to judge is to judge whether the drilling rules of diamond bit are reasonable through the changes of cores. If you see the core diameter up and down basically the same, then the diamond and rinse fluid to master properly; if the core diameter is too thick, it means too much flushing fluid, or bottom of the diamond  less.


Conversely, if the core diameter is small, then the amount of flushing fluid used is too small, or it may be due to too much diamond in the bottom of the hole. If it is uneven core up and down, then it may be due to flushing fluid suddenly big or small, or caused by uneven diamonds. Grasp these methods, we can easily distinguish diamond drill drilling rules is reasonable.


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