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The drill rod is created from top-quality carbon steel. This rod is utilized for the production of taps, roller bearings, and drill bits. It is also essential to produce punches, hammers and diverse files. The companies are producing diverse rods for drilling. 

Drill Rod


The drill rod is present in the machinery to facilitate the operations of producing tools. This rod is good enough to make durable and hard tools. These rods are produced with diverse steel grades. The companies make use of several hardening techniques to produce the drilling rods.

Many people usually get confused between the drilling rod and drill pipe. Well, both of these are completely different from one another. The rod helps the machining of the materials while the pipe is used for passing diverse materials. In case, you don’t know why industries use drilling rods then no issue! We have explained below what is drilling rod used for. 

O-1 Drilling Rod

This rod is one of the famous drilling rods present in the marketplace. It could be utilized for the dies and punches. This rod is not so expensive at all. The majority of the industries are using it to produce the hand-controlled metal cutting tools.

D-2/A-2 Rods

These two rods of drilling are utilized to produce the hobs, rolls and cold-making tools. As contrasted to the A-2, the D-2 rods have a long life and durability. When it comes to the wear resistance then the companies prefer the latter one. Nonetheless, the D-2 is hard to handle as compared to the A-2.

H-13 Rods

It is another type of drilling rod that is completely shock-resistant. It is used in the water cooling operations by the industries. This rod is expensive yet you can polish it again to make it good as new. Nonetheless, the manufacturers coat these rods with nitride to make them wear-resistant and durable. This rod is the most efficient one and it is suitable for many projects.

Characteristics of Drill Rods

Each rod has a specific content of carbon. You can find these rods in the standard size of 36 inches. The diameter of the rod ranges from 1.2-5 centimeters. Nevertheless, you can get these rods in diverse dimensions. Usually, these rods are designed in square shape.

Drill Pipe

There are two types of drilling rods readily accessible online or offline. These types are known as the water hardened and oil-hardened rods. The first one is utilized for the production of the hammers. However, you need to know that the rod does not incorporate any alloys. It basically helps the materials’ operation. It is significant to note that the water hardened rods are not good when it comes to welding projects.

On the other hand, the oil hardened rods are good for welding projects. Their toughness makes them ideal for producing typical tools. If you are going to purchase the drilling rods then you should also go for the drill pipe for sale. Many companies offer both these items at a reasonable price when you purchase them in bulk.

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