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What factors are related to the strength of diamond bit?

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When using diamond bits, users not only be very concerned about their quality and service life, but also pay attention to their strength. It is because the diamond drill bit strength is much better than the same kind of coated metal, so when cutting the rock formation is very fast and efficient. So, what factors will affect its strength?


In response to this problem, after analysis, we believe that first the size of diamond particle size will have an impact on its strength. In fact, the same quality of diamond, if the particle size is large, then the higher the intensity, and vice versa. Therefore, if the range of the particle size composition is relatively large, the fluctuation range of the diamond bit strength value is obvious.


In addition to particle size, the actual shape of the particles can have different effects. Combined with a large number of tests to analyze, in fact, the law of diamond bit strength changes and the diamond has a complete single crystal, and other shape, non-equivalent shape, needle-like flake particles in order to reduce.


Then, diamond drill carcass shape, size and uneven surface will affect the actual strength of the same size. At the same time these factors will indirectly affect the life of the drill and the footage efficiency.


In addition, when manufacturing diamond bits, the different production processes used will have different effects. Of course, with the manufacturers continue to study and learn about the actual level of production of the product is also rising.


In summary, the diamond bit itself has many advantages, so in the actual work has brought us a lot of help, with its excellent footage and super wear-resistant performance, since it has been praised by users . Therefore, in the future, the impact of diamond bit strength factors will continue to be studied.


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