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What are the reasons for the breakout of the core barrel

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(A) the technical aspects of the reasons

1, the technical condition of the equipment used is not good, such as: poor stability of the rig, the rotor bearing clearance, etc .; power machine power shortage, work overload instability; reciprocating water pump and uneven pressure, rinse fluid pulsation.

2, the strength of the rig foundation is not enough and the rig on the basis of the installation of fixed is not strong;

3, the drilling structure design is unreasonable, drill pipe, core tube diameter and aperture with unreasonable.

4, the diameter of the drill with no stable joints; the use of curved drill pipe and core tube; the use of blunt or for the normal wear of the drill (diamond fragmentation, lip partial grinding, drill oval wear, etc.);


5, drilling parameters of the choice of parameters and the nature of the rock is not suited to; blind pressure and increase the drilling speed;

6, drill pipe lock joints are different; drill pipe due to manufacturing reasons or the use of uneven wear and tear (especially in the use of curved drilling), resulting in uneven wall thickness and ellipticity, causing the drill pipe is not heart, Unbalanced

7, active drill pipe bending, long, eccentric in the vertical axis;

8, drilling occurs bending;

9, the use of heavy water supply joints and water pipes;

10, the bottom of the hole there are residual core or other metal objects.

(B) the geological aspects of the reasons

1, rock fracture, fissure development.

2, rock hard and soft changes frequently.

3, rock stratification, sheet development and the formation of acute angle in the drilling axis;

4, cave, aerial development.

5, the rock particle size is not uniform, with heterogeneous structure;

6, the hardness of the rock and uneven strength.

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