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You are here: Home » News » Product News » What are the differences in the acclimated strata of Impregnated Synthetic Diamond Core Bits?

What are the differences in the acclimated strata of Impregnated Synthetic Diamond Core Bits?

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mpregnated Synthetic Diamond Core Bits in the process of using its advantage is able to adapt to the relatively high grinding and geological hard layer, the entire product cutting performance is also relatively good. In the high-speed drilling has a very significant advantage.

Impregnated Synthetic Diamond Core Bits can be divided into ordinary diamond bit, polycrystalline diamond composite drill bit two categories. Among these two categories, the ordinary diamond drill is suitable for the high groundability, the geological hard and the geological strata. The polycrystalline diamond composite bit can be widely used in hard stratum, soft stratum, Of the strata, its wide range of applications.


Polycrystalline diamond composite drill bit has four main components, namely, diamond composite, nozzle, carcass and bit body; ordinary diamond drill has four main components, namely, diamond particles, nozzles, carcass and bit body. Because Impregnated Synthetic Diamond Core Bits cutting performance is relatively good, so the choice of diamond drill bit as a drilling tool, the high-speed drilling

Diamonds are dipped into synthetic diamond core drill bits to a certain extent. In the use of diamond drill bit for oil drilling operations, the need to pay high attention to the price of diamond drill bit is relatively high, so in use should be careful operation, reduce the degree of damage;

Diamonds drill dipping design technology, the Impregnated Synthetic Diamond Core Bits from the drill bit design point of view of the cloth structure \ blade structure, drill profile shape using a series of anti-deflection design technology, the degree of rotation to the minimum The Anti-deflection products to achieve the commercialization of the use of a stable bit work device, so that the PDC in the drilling to reduce the damage caused by the violent deflection load, the official launch of the anti-rotation bias drill bit, the drill in the multi- Quality sandwich) rock drilling is more favorable.

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