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What are the aspects of the quality of the NX diamond bit?

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Drilling process staff is most concerned about the quality of geological drilling accessories, NX diamond bit as one of course, is no exception. Under normal circumstances, from the penetration rate, bit total footage and unit footage of diamond consumption can roughly determine the quality of NX diamond bit.


For NX diamond bits, the penetration rate is its footage efficiency, which is one of the most important indicators that reflects the quality of NX diamond bits. There are many influencing factors for the drilling speed, even if they are all NX diamond drill bits, but their drilling rates are different under different geological conditions; however, the drilling efficiency of drill bits with different carcass hardness under the same geological conditions is not the same. Therefore, the penetration rate depends mainly on the properties of the NX diamond core and the geological formation.


Normally, general soft rock formations such as limestone and sandstone can drill at 3-6 m / h using a 15-18 degree NX diamond bit, while hard granite, volcanic rocks, etc. use 6-8 degree Nylon diamond Drill bit can have 1-3 m / h footage efficiency, footage efficiency much faster than traditional diamond composite bit.


Secondly, the different carcass hardness of the NX diamond drill bit, its total footage into drilling the same strata is not the same, then drill into a different rock layer is even greater difference, especially in hard formations need to use low carcass level Drill bit, the soft rock formations instead need to select the carcass hardness of the drill bit, so the high degree of diamond bits and low degree of bit total footage of the difference between the large difference.


Unit footage footage Diamond consumption is a direct reflection of NX diamond bit plating technology important reference, but also can be seen that each manufacturer of raw materials used in the selection of quality. Imported diamonds used in NX diamond drill bits ensure toughness at multiple angles as they drill into the formation, while advanced plating technology inserts the diamond firmly into the carcass, allowing the wear rate of the diamond to match that of the nickel layer Body consumption to achieve synchronization.


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