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What are the advantages of exploration drilling rig?

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As a construction machinery, the advantages of exploration drilling rig have become increasingly prominent, and their applications have also been expanding. We should know that the overall structure of the traditional exploration drilling rig complex, not only during use efficiency is not ideal, but the volatility is relatively large, so there is a certain degree of danger.


With the further development of the whole industry, various new technologies, new methods and new equipment have been introduced and popularized in order to fulfill the operation requirements better. As a result, a fundamental change has taken place in the field of drilling rigs. Among them, the development of exploration drilling rig is particularly evident, contributing a great deal to the development of drilling in China.


In fact, the advantages of exploration drilling rig include many aspects, the following we will be introduced from four aspects. First of all, it is more lightweight and flexible, safe and reliable. This is because the overall structure has been improved and optimized to make it more compact and reasonable. Its overall size is smaller, easy to transport. Even in some inconvenient transportation areas can still be transported in different ways, saving investment costs.


More importantly, this can also effectively shorten the entire duration, reduce the amount of labor, more humane. During the process of relocation, it is easy to dismantle, easy to install and easy to move small exploration drilling rigs. Secondly, the drilling rig of this new tower, structural safety, increase the operating safety factor.


Third, compact exploration rigs are compact and environmentally friendly. Especially in some mountainous terrain and other complex topography of the construction operation, the drilling installation site less demand, so it can reduce the damage to vegetation and the environment, as much as possible to protect the construction site and the surrounding environment.


Fourth, exploration drilling rigs are more energy efficient and efficient. In comparison, it not only has a higher speed, but also to a more smooth cutting of rock, greatly reducing the exploration period, reducing costs. Small exploration rigs are not only fast but also have lower average fuel costs.


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