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Wet diamond drill bit use advantages and production process

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The quality of the wet diamond drill bit is closely related to the production process. To a certain extent, the pretreatment is a very crucial step in preparing the electroplated drill bit. The main purpose of the drill bit is to remove the oil on the drill bit steel body. Rust, its treatment is directly related to the stability of the bath, whether the drill bit and the wear resistance of the bit matrix.

Wet diamond drill bit will have many advantages when it is used. The whole product can perform the entire drill bit production process at low temperature, and it will have no thermal damage to the diamond stone during the operation so that it can effectively maintain The original strength of its diamond is conducive to the full use of synthetic diamond characteristics.

The wet drilling diamond drill bit can adjust the composition of the plating solution and control the manufacturing process to some extent, and can effectively change the composition of the deposited metal layer (carcass) to a certain extent, adjust the working performance of the drill bit, and improve the drill bit. The adaptability and overall performance.

The bit body of the wet diamond drill bit is plated on the bit body in a plating bath to a certain extent. During the operation, the plating covers the electrolytic metal and at the same time the diamond is to a certain extent. Will be wrapped in the plating metal layer, a long time repeated sand and plating to form the working layer of the drill.

When the wet drilling diamond drill bit is electroplated, the rigid body of the drill bit is also shaped by its plastic mold, so that the plating layer can grow along the axial direction of the drill bit and ensure the inner and outer diameter dimensions of the carcass. The diamond used for electroplated diamond bits is mostly synthetic diamond. The composition of the drill bit matrix is mainly nickel, and has the same applicable conditions as ordinary impregnated diamond bits.


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