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Wet Diamond Core Drill Bits Available Material and Main Application

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Wet diamond core drill bits, first of all, from the name can be seen, it belongs to the drill of this category. Second, it is a diamond drill bit of this category, and its diamond drill bit, but also have a certain relationship, so, based on the above points, and, at the beginning of the article also mentioned, then, may wish to know a good understanding, In this way, you can also have a preliminary understanding of this kind of drill bit.


1. In the Wet diamond core drill bits, whether the diamonds, which is equivalent to diamond?

In this case, from a professional point of view, the two are not equal, so, on this issue, the answer is yes. Because, diamonds, it can be considered natural diamond, but the reverse is not true. If it is for low quality diamond, only as a grinding or cutting material, and high quality natural diamond can be used as a bit material.


2.Wet diamond core drill bits, its application, mainly why? In addition, artificial diamond, can be used?

Wet diamond core drill bits specific application, in general, its main is with the drilling rig, etc., for drilling operations. Moreover, it is also the use of more places. The artificial diamond, whether it can be used in wet diamond drill bit, depends on the specific quality, and if you meet the requirements, it is possible.


3. Can drill holes for stainless steel drill diamonds be used?

This is possible, however, it should be noted that, in the diamond drill, should use high hardness of diamond and other materials, can be achieved. And on this question, the answer is yes. In addition, in addition to this kind of drill, the high hardness of the carbon steel drill, is also possible.



On the Wet diamond core drill bits, I believe that through these above questions, as well as given the specific answer, we can come to have some understanding , and at the same time, increase the expertise in this area. Therefore, we hope that we can seriously and in order to grasp in a timely manner, and at the same time, correct and standardized use, to play its due role.

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