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Underground mining rig routine maintenance skills

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Underground mining rigs are complex structures that include different components and mechanisms. At present underground mining work, we mainly use underground mining rigs to obtain physical geological data, also known as drilling machine. At present, we can use the equipment to discover the underground geological and mineral resources in time.


In order to ensure proper use, we should not only pay attention to the daily operation procedures, but also need to master the underground mining rig maintenance skills. First of all, during the use of the equipment, inspection should be carried out on a regular basis. The main items to be inspected include the main structural conditions, the connecting pins of structural members, the bolts of structural connecting members, the welding seam of structural members, the structure of protective baskets and the safety protection conditions .


Second, the underground mining rig also needs to be on the power head, fuel tanks and drill pipe drill pipe and other components for regular inspection. In addition, the electrical system needs to be checked. The main items to be checked are the special electrical box setting, short circuit protection and leakage protection devices, emergency power off switch, the fixing of the cables on the working device and the lighting lines.


In addition to these basic inspection items, there are many more items that require frequent inspections in order to guarantee the proper operation of underground mining rigs. For example, the need to wire rope at any time to consolidate the situation checked, pay attention to ensure that the number of safety wire rope, wire rope selection, installation, lubrication and so on are good. In the meantime, carry on the regular check to the pulley system and the walking system to ensure the good condition.


Remember that in the process of underground mining rig inspection, but also need to record the specific circumstances, and timely arrangements for personnel overhaul, and the maintenance process, maintenance methods and maintenance records integrity to ensure that parts are used within the validity period. If there is a fault found underground mining rig, should immediately stop working, not to be used before troubleshooting.


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