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Underground core drilling rig hydraulic drive and modularization

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The underground core drilling rig is a device suitable for cutting large-scale environment construction in the three-zone terrain or construction in the forest area in the process of operation. The underground core drilling rig has a modular design, convenient transportation, and cost to some extent. Low-cost, easy-to-remove assembly drills with high efficiency and environmental protection.

Underground core drilling rigs can effectively drill HQs with depths exceeding 350 meters and NQ formations with more than 500 meters in most cases. Lightweight, Flexible, Safe and Reliable, underground core drill rigs are compact and concise. All parts of the equipment, including its drill pipes, can be transported with a 5-ton truck.

The underground core drilling rig can effectively use its manpower or Hummer to transport it through trails in areas where traffic is not convenient, so that it can greatly save customers' investment in the construction of temporary roads to a certain extent, so that the construction period can be shortened. Save labor, reduce handling risks and costs.

The underground core drilling rig adopts its hydraulic drive and the structure is safe and reliable when it is in use. It is very easy to operate when it is in operation, so that it can reduce its labor intensity and make it more user-friendly. When it is used, its airport power consumption is With its 12-volt DC power supply, it is safer to use electricity; when the machine is relocated, it can be easily disassembled, installed easily, and the rig can be easily moved. The maximum weight of a single part in a drilling rig does not exceed 250 kg and the total weight is 1200 kg.

The drill tower angle of the underground core drilling rig can be adjusted in the range of 45° to 90°. In the process of operation, it is not necessary to operate on the tower, so that the safety risk of the tower operation can be reduced to some extent. Can increase the operating safety system.


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