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Tips for Finding Right Diamond Core Bit

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In the world of geology and drilling, there is a different type of equipment used frequently for the drilling process. However, as diamond is the hardest metal found on the face of planet earth, that is why diamond core bit is the most important one when it comes to drilling procedure. This diamond core drill bit is used very popularly by different experts who are related to mining and drilling field. However; the critical point that needs to be discussed here is how we can find the right diamond core bit for our use.

Hardness of Material

The hardness of the material that you want to drill also makes a difference on the diamond core drill bit you will be using. If you' re going to drill ultra-hard material such as alumina, natural stone, high metallic content materials or other same materials, it is recommended that you should choose metal bonded diamond core drill bit for rocks.

If you want to drill a soft material, which is less expensive as well like glass, smooth stone, tile, and composites, then you should choose nickel bonded diamond core drill bit. This type of diamond core drill bit is beneficial in the said scenario. A point that I need to mention here is that the material hardness means the ability of the material to resist the deformation process.

Cost of Material

The price and value of your material also depend upon the selection of the right diamond core drill bit. If your material is costly and expensive, you would surely want minimum material to be lost during the drilling process. So, I would recommend that you should use a thin-walled diamond core drill bit for expensive materials.


Material Thickness

If your material is thicker than the average thickness, you' ll have to put a high value of pressure in this situation. Along with the right amount of pressure, the coolant should be applied as well. It is recommended that you should run the coolant from multiple directions like through the drill centre, from drilling submerged in coolant and also a side of the drill. This procedure of applying coolant from numerous directions will ensure that the maximum amount of drilling lubricant will reach your drilling zone of any material. That will make the use of diamond core drill bit for rocks in an appropriate manner.

Material Density and Geometry

Every material has its density and geometry. So, due to this reason, the diamond core drill bit and its technique that was applied to a particular material can' t be used to any other material. I would recommend that a diamond core bit should mainly be made for a specific type of material so its effectiveness can be increased.

Equipment To be Used

Along with all the factors of the material, the equipment that you are using with the diamond core bit is also a critical factor in the selection of the right diamond core drill bit. If you are not using the right drilling equipment, your drill bit won' t be useful. Following are the materials on which the diamond core drill bit is used effectively.

High-Speed Spindle

Drill Press

Angle Grinder

Cordless Drill

Milling Machine


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