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The working principle of the recovery tools and the use of points

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From the literal point of view, we will understand that the recovery tools, in fact, refers to a salvage or looking for a new type of recovery tools. At present, we can from the maritime salvage, special police, public security, fire, archaeological exploration and underwater industrial cleaning and other operating occasions to see the salvage figure, and often used to search for salvage victims and wrecks.



So, do you know how the recovery tools has done the salvage task? The main content is: when it enters the drill center tube, the slider moves upwards so that its head can be inserted into the center tube. And then move down the slider, this time you can use the role of friction to the drill bit, and then remove the things after the slider can be released.


However, it should be noted that, before the start of salvage, usually need to first position the specific location, which can ensure that the salvage can be accurately inserted into the central tube. Because it often needs to work in seawater, it has good corrosion resistance. Usually after the various parts of the device quickly connected, you can sink into the water for salvage. In order to facilitate salvage, but also need to use the monitor to observe the specific situation.


In general, the composition of the salvage is relatively simple, it mainly contains several different components, mainly a robot, monitor, underwater camera, remote control and battery and other parts. So, in the use of the process, we need to pay attention to what the problem? First of all, before use, be sure to carry out serious, rigorous inspection, and to draw sketches to stay.


If you find any problems in the inspection, you may not continue to use. In the use of salvage salvage process, should pay attention to observe the specific situation changes, make a summary and analysis, and appropriate adjustments to the construction program.

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