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The working principle and component composition of Underground core drilling rig

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Underground core drilling rigs  is a set of more complex machines, mainly in the process of making the machine, the unit and the organization, the underground core drilling rig is in the exploration or mineral resources development, effectively driving the drilling tool to the underground drilling, So that you can access the physical geological equipment of the mechanical equipment.

The main function of the Underground core drilling rig is to effectively drive the drilling tool to break the bottom of the rock, down or put the hole in the hole. Can be used to drill core, mining heart, cuttings, gas samples, liquid samples, etc., to explore the underground geological and mineral resources and so on.

The main task of the drive system is to transmit and distribute the energy of the engine to the work machine. Because of the characteristics of the engine and the characteristics required by the working machine, the drive system of the Underground core drilling rigs  is mainly composed of components such as reducer, clutch, shaft and chain. There is a gap, requiring the drive system must include slowdown, and car, reverse, variable speed and other institutions.

Underground core drilling machine between the rings and rings are mainly used between the pin connection, rings and hook rod welded into one, the cylinder and the hook with the left screw thread connection, and with the stop block to prevent thread loosening. The hook body and the barrel can be moved down and down along the hook.

Underground core drill inside and outside the role of the load spring is able to drill when the Ligong loose buckle up after the bounce. The cylinder is filled with oil. Thrust bearing seat ring will be divided into two parts of the oil chamber, seat ring on the open hole. Due to the damping effect of the oil flow, the absorption of the drilling operation of the hook when the impact of vibration, can prevent the drill pipe joint thread damage.

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