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The use of wireline drill pipe and its matching methods Dec 09, 2017

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Wireline drill pipe, like drill bits, are also common tools used in drilling operations. They are made of tail-threaded steel tubing for connecting the drilling rig ground surface equipment to the drilling rig bottom hole device. The wired drill pipe itself is used in conjunction with a drill bit to transport drilling mud to the drill bit and raise it with the drill bit to lower or rotate the bottom hole device.


In this case, the wireline drill pipe must be able to withstand huge internal and external pressure, twisting, bending and vibration and other forces, so its material, structure, etc. have strict requirements. In addition to being sufficiently weather resistant, wireline drill pipes have to meet multiple requirements for use in hydrocarbon extraction and refining.


For drilling work, the choice of bit is important, but its accompanying wired drill pipe also need a good choice. How to choose a matching cable drill pipe is required, not only to choose good quality but also need to choose the right size, so as to be more effective.


In the selection, you need to pay attention to drill bit and drill pipe taper should be effective with the length and distribution at least 25 mm, to emphasize that in accordance with this principle must be matched with the appropriate wired drill pipe. In the course of its use must be controlled footage, thereby reducing the risk of damage.


In the daily use of the process, in accordance with the correct way to install and remove the wireline drill rod, do not use hammer to hit, excessive smashing not only easy to make wired drill pipe problems, but also easily lead to rig failure, the impact its drilling effect.


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