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The special requirements and performance of impregnated diamond core bits

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Impregnated diamond core bits are very extensive when used. As the main cutting tool for drilling, the impregnated diamond coring drill bits occupy an important position, so that it can directly influence the drill bit to some extent. Drilling efficiency and construction costs.

Special requirements for impregnated diamond core bits

1. The drill bit must have a long life.

2. The drill bit has good adaptability, especially when drilling into hard rock, the bit does not need to "skid."

3. The drill bit has low drilling pressure characteristics.

The impregnated diamond core bits will effectively design, test, optimize and drill the production of the rope bit during operation. The design, test and optimization of the carcass formula. Carcass performance The drill bit carcass is used for inserting diamond and is firmly connected with the steel body. Different types of drill bits have different requirements on the performance of the carcass, mainly depending on the operating characteristics of the drill bit and the rock formations drilled.

Impregnated diamond core bits drilling performance

1. Carcass should be firmly embedded diamond.

2. The carcass should meet sufficient strength under drilling conditions and have certain impact resistance. The connection strength between carcass and steel body must be firm.

3. The hardness, erosion resistance and wear resistance of the carcass should be compatible with the indentation hardness, compressive strength, rock erosion, rock integrity, and rock abrasion of the rock.


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