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The quality of the diamond bits and which three factors are closely related?

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For drilling staff, the quality of the products used is very important, the same is true of diamond bits. From the current market point of view, the diamond bits price difference is more obvious, then, as a user how to choose a high quality and relatively high cost diamond drill it? Speaking of which, we must understand the impact of the quality of the three indicators of the drill bit.

What are the three indicators? The first is the drill speed. Simply speaking, the so-called drill speed actually refers to the diamond bits into the foot efficiency. It should be understood that this is also an important indicator of the performance quality of the product. Of course, there are many factors that affect the speed of drilling, even with the same drill, in different work conditions shown in the situation is different.

However, in general, in the use of the process, if encountered a slip, or a very slow footage of the situation, then it means that the quality of the selected diamond drill bit, or its matrix hardness and rock hardness properties Suitable for the need to replace the appropriate drill bit. The second important factor is the total bit of the drill bit.


It should be noted that, in the case of consistent work environment, if the diamond bits used in the carcass hardness is different, then the total number of footage is often not the same. Under normal circumstances, when drilling hard layer, you should choose a low degree of carcass drill bit, the case of soft geology is recommended to choose the high hardness of the drill bit.

The last important factor is the unit footage diamond consumption. In fact, this parameter is often an important reference to determine the diamond plating technology. At the same time this parameter can also reflect the production of raw materials - the quality of the diamond is good or bad. Therefore, in the choice of time, the best way is to first try drilling, so as to see the performance of its carcass.

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