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The influence of the bit carcass on the core drill bits

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A diamond or a drill bit with a blank bit body is called a carcass. It is usually made of refractory metal tungsten carbide powder or cast tungsten carbide as skeleton material; with fusible metals such as Cu, cu-Ni, zn, Sn, Mn as binder, in the mold under high temperature conditions, the temperature Generally 1000 ~ 1200

The working ability of the drill bit depends to a great extent on the nature of the carcass, with considerable strength, impact toughness, especially hardness and wear resistance to be compatible with the nature of the rock. Pregnant diamond drill bit with the drill into the carcass to the corresponding wear and tear, so that the diamond is constantly exposed to broken rock, so the carcass hardness and wear resistance is an important indicator of pregnancy bit.


The composition, particle size and composition of the matrix metal, the proportion and the sintering process can change the hardness and wear resistance of the matrix to ensure the best drilling effect in all kinds of rock formation. According to the hardness of the carcass classification, divided into soft, hard, hard class 3, 6, see table. Hard and dense weak abrasive formation should be used soft carcass, that Rockwell hardness (HRC) in 35 below; in strong abrasive formation, fractured stratum should be used hard carcass, that HRC hardness between 35 to 45.

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