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The hole accident prevention and treatment during drilling

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Field must be equipped with commonly used male cones, female cones, retractable fishing tube (rope drilling should be equipped with retractable spear), hammer, guide, pipe cutter and other special tools. Special equipment and equipment such as cranes, anti-wire drill rods and various guide hooks should be provided in the proper locations of the detachment (work area) and properly kept.


After the accident, it is necessary to clarify and record in detail the drilling hole depth of the accident, the after-service ruler, the location, specifications, types and quantities of the accidental drilling tools and the conditions inside the hole. The schematic diagram can be used to indicate the status of the accidental drilling tool.


After the accident, it is necessary to correctly analyze and determine, formulate a solution and actively handle it. When handing over, the shift monitor should explain in detail the tools, methods, steps and achievements obtained in this class to the shift monitor in detail.

The complex nature of the accident, chaired by the captain. A major accident that can not be ruled out for a short period of time shall be studied and dealt with by a technical conference held by the Prospecting Section (Group).


When dealing with an accident in a hole, all positions should be clearly divided according to the technical proficiency of personnel and cooperate closely to prevent accidents and incidents.


After the accident was eliminated, the captain called the whole machine personnel to analyze in detail the causes of the accident, summarize the experience, learn lessons and formulate preventive measures to avoid similar accidents.


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