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The general principle of diamond bit selection

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1, soft, hard and fully homogeneous hard rock layer is generally suitable for table drill bit; hard and broken, soft and hard uneven, fissure and high abrasive rock formation should be used

2, the hardness of the carcass should be based on the grinding of the rock, broken degree, hardness, particle size and other factors, the main factors for the rock abrasive and broken degree. Rock abrasive, broken degree of severe, soft, coarse coarse selection of hard carcass. On the contrary, the grinding is weak, homogeneous integrity, hardness, particle size of the rock (such as "slippery" rock) selected carcass should be soft. If the abrasive and hardness contradictory, then subject to abrasive, such as case of abrasive and hardness of the rock formation, should use special hard carcass. Otherwise the carcass will soon be rock wear, the drill bit to lose their ability to work.

3, rock complex, grinding the stronger, the more hard, the choice of diamond grade should be better, the size of the diamond should be finer.

4, rock formation abrasive, more broken, coarse particles, the use of higher concentrations of the carcass.

5, the rock is soft, broken, abrasive, the carcass is hard, the use of pregnancy-bit, the drill bit outlet water cross section should be large, should adopt multi-nozzle bit. On the contrary, the use of less water drill bit.


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