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The function and structure of wireline core drill pipe

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The wireline core drill pipe is mainly composed of an upper and a lower joint and a pipe body during the production process. The tube body is divided into four or six-party structures.The upper joint of the wireline core drill pipe is a left-hand female thread (reverse buckle) on the upper joint, which is connected with the faucet, and the left-handed female thread prevents the deduction during the rotation.

The role of wireline core drill pipe

The core drill pipe is the basic part of the drill string. The main role of the core drill pipe in the process of use is to transfer the torque and transport the drilling fluid effectively. In this way, the borehole can be further deepened by the gradual extension of the drill pipe to a certain extent. Therefore, the core drill pipe occupies a very important position in oil drilling.

Wireline core drill pipe structure

Drill pipe is made of Seamless steel tube, wall thickness is generally 9 ~ 11mm; The drill pipe body and the drill pipe joint are composed of two parts, and the pipe body and the joint are welded together by friction welding.

Wireline core drill pipe weighted drill pipe

The weighted drill pipe is similar to the oil drill pipe and is also a hollow steel column with a length of about 10 meters.However, the weight of a single root is heavier than that of an oil drill pipe, and the wall thickness is 2-3 times that of the drill pipe.The heavy drill pipe is connected between the drill pipe and the drill collar in order to prevent the fatigue damage caused by the drill string cross-section changing, and it can also replace the role of a part of the drill collar.However, its suspension is simple, and it is convenient to start and operate the drill, which can save time from drilling.


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