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The characteristics of Diamond bit

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Diamond composite chip bit is in high temperature conditions, synthetic diamond and carbide synthesis of a single super-hard material, it not only has a high hardness of diamond, wear and other advantages, but also has a hard alloy impact resistance, Cutting edge and other characteristics, with it to do the drill bit can greatly improve the efficiency of the drill bit, drilling in the hard rock and hard rock is the ideal drill bit. Diamond PDC bit, the use of high-quality steel tube calcined molding, vacuum automatic heat treatment equipment to increase the mechanical properties of processing.


Ordinary type of domestic high-quality composite film to do wings, super-use of the United States GE produced blade, according to different geological conditions selected the appropriate quality level, can achieve higher product cost, to achieve energy efficient and economic indicators.

Diamond drill bits all over the country coal field, oil drilling, geological exploration, water conservancy and hydropower, railway roads, tunnel construction and other industries. Two-wing PDC anchor bit (half standard) to adapt to rock formation below eight, in the same rock conditions drilling life is 10-30 times the ordinary alloy drill, the efficiency of at least 60% increase, without grinding, greatly reduce the workers Labor intensity, saving time. Two-wing PDC anchor drill (semi-reinforced) The main raw material of the wings is produced by GE, whose diamond content is 1.5 times of ordinary drill bit, excellent wear resistance, improved efficiency and reduced overall cost.

Rock formations High-strength diamond drill knife blade with the latest development of the ball-type diamond blade, characterized by drilling speed, impact resistance. When the drill bit is drilled, the lip is used for the grinding of the normal uniform formation rock. The protruding part can restrain the moment when the drill bit is drilled, and it greatly reduces the accidental damage of the drill bit and improves the drilling of the complex rock Into the level.

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