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The advantages of impregnated diamond core bits

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(1) The ability of impregnated diamond  core bits can successfully drill into a variety of medium-hard, hard, extremely hard and weak-topping abrasive formations; and to drill into crushed, layered and interacting layers that are not as susceptible to damage as crown bits. Drill long life, especially when drilling hard rock, its technical indicators and economic results more superior.

(2)Impregnated diamond belongs to the self-sharpening bit, especially the synthetic diamond crystal. It can maintain the "constant speed" during the process of application with reasonable design and the bit selection and rock formation.

(3) A wide adjustment range of drilling speed, high speed can get faster drilling speed in most rock formations; while drilling hard rock, the rotation speed is lower, but the bit-drilling pressure can still get more satisfactory drilling effect.


(4) The impregnated diamond  core bits is well protected by the carcass, and for a handful of defective diamonds, the effect is not as pronounced as the watch set bit.

(5) Easy to operate, even the less experienced drillers have some mishandling that is far less of an impact than the drill string.

Drilling experts therefore refer to diamond impregnated bits as "broad-spectrum bits" or "constant-speed" bits.

Synthetic impregnated diamond  core bits with artificial diamond polycrystalline diameter, strong grinding and crushing of the ground to strengthen the use of cemented carbide. With low weight-pressure characteristics.


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