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Techniques of Diamond Core Drilling

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The low-noise and dust free drilling method is diamond core drilling.  The companies make use of this method to make holes smoothly. This drilling method includes a diamond core bit. This drill bit is available in different sizes.

Full Hydaulic Underground Drilling Rig,

Techniques of Diamond Core Drilling

Those who require a circular penetration should go for the diamond core drilling techniques. With the help of these techniques, they can easily make the holes of their preferred size and deepness. Wireline and rotary are essential types of these techniques. For the coring in rocks and borehole drilling, the companies make use of rotary drilling procedure. For the mineral search, the industries make use of the wireline drilling method. It can retrieve the first sample.

Different techniques of diamond core drilling include Pneumatic, Hydraulic as well as Electric. They are readily accessible for dry and wet drilling uses.

Pneumatic Technique

This technique is useful for drilling holes in grounds, ceilings, and walls. It can be ideal for concrete fixing and intractable brick system.

Hydraulic Technique

The Hydraulic technique implements the electronic as well as mechanical safety. It merely means that this technique is durable, reasonable in price, safe and dependable. It will be the right choice for drilling big diameter holes.

Electric Technique

The companies make use of this technique to make perfect holes in the tiles and natural stones. It is also a good option for concrete, gravestones, plumbing, and countertops. You can also use it to make holes smoothly into the ceilings, walls, and floors. It is an efficient and rapid technique for sure.

Lubrication Techniques for Diamond Core Drilling

In the drilling technique, we use the diamond core bit. The worker first fixes this drill bit into the drill rod of the equipment. After that, the diamond core bit rotates smoothly. To protect it from overheating, the worker lubricates it with water. It is essential to provide sufficient water for lubrication on the top-quality drill bit. It is necessary to use water lubrication, reduce drill speed and low down the pressure to ensure the durability of this drilling bit. However, for the diamond core drilling, you can use different techniques of lubrication. We have described some methods for drilling below:

•    Hose or Water Drip

In this technique, the drilling makes use of a tiny hose. This hose runs water into the borehole and on the surface of the hole.

•    Spray Bottle

For this method, you have to use a spraying water bottle. You will need to spray the borehole by using this bottle continuously.

•    Pan Drilling

For this technique, it is essential to use a plastic tub filled with water or a pan. It will help if you use it to cover up the surface of the material which you want to drill.

•    Clay Dam

It includes making a dam around the drilling hole by using the modeling clay. With it, the water flows into the drill bit and gives excellent interior lubrication.

Each diamond core drilling technique is different. You need to choose the method according to your application. However, keep in mind that you have to use any lubrication technique for the diamond core drilling bit. Otherwise, the drill bit will not be durable and usable for you.


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