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Technical method and operation of tunnel core drilling rig

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The tunnel core drill rig is a very important technical means in the low-quality exploration work in the process of work. In the operation, it is mainly drilled from the surface of the drill rig, and the tunnel core drill rig will form a cylindrical borehole in the stratum. In this way, the bottom layer can be identified and divided.

The core drilling rig can obtain ore samples, soil samples and cores from different depths in the boreholes for analysis and research. To a certain extent, it can be used to determine the physical and mechanical properties and indicators of rocks and soil layers and provide design requirements. The drilling rigs used are mainly divided into rotary type and impact type.

The tunnel core drilling rig is to a certain extent mainly the use of its probe to take soil samples to observe the underground remains of the survey methods, the main advantage of the operation is to be able to directly in-depth sampling of underground observation, can accurately obtain a certain location of the culture Accumulation of information will, to a certain extent, be better than excavation of provincial workers, less destructive, and able to understand large-scale underground conditions in a short period of time.

The shallow sample drilling rig of the tunnel core drill has the characteristics of small volume, simple operation, high efficiency, light weight and easy relocation. When used, it can be widely used in various sampling construction operations such as geological survey mapping, geochemical rock sampling, environment, geophysical exploration blastholes, agricultural geological survey sampling, road foundation survey, and pavement quality inspection sampling.

The tunnel core drilling rig can effectively achieve a variety of processes such as spiral drilling and diamond rotary drilling to a certain extent. The performance of the drilling rig is reliable, convenient and flexible during operation, and is very suitable for field work.

To a certain extent, it can be directly used to drill troughs to replace drilling wells, improve sampling efficiency, and reduce sampling costs. The product has reached the leading domestic level and has broad application prospects in areas such as geological prospecting, resource evaluation and municipal engineering.


At the same time, we conducted in-depth and extensive research on the shallow-drilling and geochemical exploration of shallow drilling techniques, the anomaly detection of shallow geophysical and geochemical exploration, and the exploration of drilling shallow trenches. Currently in shallow drilling technology can provide users with a full range of technical support.


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