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T6 series Core Barrel of new technology and connection requirements

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T6 series Core Barrel in the course of the use of carbide, composite film and diamond drill into a series, unified the roving core drilling diameter and diamond drilling diameter, the asymmetric trapezoidal thread and the negative angle trapezoidal thread and ZT750, ZT850 high-strength steel pipe and other new technologies to regulate and incorporate, in the technical and application level has a certain forward-looking.

T6 series Core Barrel is conducive to promoting the drilling of new technologies, new processes, new methods and new products to promote the application. The three standards in the process of preparation of international standards and advanced foreign standards for the full study, reference and adoption of the relevant content, and China's drilling technology research work closely linked to the standard has a strong applicability and operability.


T6 series Core Barrel in the use of effective supporting hydraulic drilling rig or pneumatic drills, drill through the iron hole, the release of hot metal used in the special drilling tools. In the process of drilling through the open hole of the blast furnace, it is affected by the alternating stress of twisting, bending and friction in the high temperature environment. The deeper the temperature is, the higher the temperature is, the harder the clay layer is, , So that the front end of the drill is damaged.

Drilling tool T6 series Core Barrel before the hole to check the submersible impact device, with the tube drilling, casing and casing boots connection is firm, eccentric drill rotation is flexible, ventilation is smooth. Drilling process should pay attention to observe the follow-up of the casing and the situation within the hole row of powder, each drilling 0.3 to 0.4 meters should be strong blown row of powder to keep the hole clean. Blowing the hole, the center of the drill up to the distance should be strictly controlled to achieve a strong blow hole row of powder is limited to prohibit the process of drilling from the center of a strong drill.

T6 series Core Barrel at the end of the drilling or the need to replace the center of the drill, you should first clear the hole, the bottom of the hole residue blowing, and then stop the rotation, the center drill slowly move up, lift the size of the force to just Raise the center of the drill for the right to enhance the height of the back of the eccentric drill bit with the front end of the casing shoe.

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