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T6 diamond core bit in the drilling process which is very important role

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T6 diamond core drill bit rigid body in the drilling process which play a particularly important role, although the higher quality drilling accessories can not be judged by the appearance, but the T6 diamond core drill overall visual effect is that some problems. In this case, the drill bit body can reflect the research and development of a diamond bit manufacturer and its production capacity.


T6 diamond core body when it comes to rigid body, the traditional rigid body diameter and the outer diameter of the core tube is consistent, but when it comes to commonly used rigid body model specifications, which will be roughly divided into 73,89,108,127,146,168, etc. However, with the perennial user drilling experience found that the outer diameter of the core tube does not seem to play a protective role of the drill, and when the material of the rigid body is relatively poor, For its wear ratio, it can even exceed the core tube, resulting in huge wear on the drill.


T6 diamond coring bit of rigid body, generally speaking, is a lot larger than the core tube, in this regard is concerned, in fact, is due to such drill bits often white for crushing the formation and pebble layer of drilling, As far as this point is concerned, the requirement for rigid body is relatively high, and the life of the drill can be prolonged only by increasing the outer diameter.


As T6 diamond core drill price is very reasonable high-quality manufacturers, we were in the early founding time that will find such a problem, and, on the other hand, it is that it can be a huge improvement.


We made a series of improvements on the rigid body of the T6 diamond coring bit, except because the T6 diamond coring bit has the traditional gauge on the cutting tooth. In the place where the core tube is connected, we actually need to pay attention On its own, there will be an increase of core tube gauge, which will include a total of four 8, evenly distributed outside of the rigid body, but also makes the effect of the gage on the drill can also be greatly enhanced.



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