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T2 series Core Barrel of drilling performance requirements and standards

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Drilling tool T2 series Core Barrel in the production process is mainly by the various components are made of high quality seamless steel pipe, in use will have excellent physical and mechanical properties, so that you can withstand the drilling process itself Alternating load, fatigue and wear.

The deeper the drilling of the T2 series Core Barrel, the higher the drilling performance requirements. Drilling tool after a certain period of time will be due to wear and tear, corrosion and scrapped. The drill is made of high quality alloy steel or low alloy steel and is subjected to proper heat treatment to improve its performance. China has successfully used manganese, tantalum, vanadium, titanium, silicon, boron and other elements of the alloy steel pipe manufacturing drill, after the appropriate heat treatment performance in line with "GB3423-82" national standards.


The DZ-50, DZ-55, DZ-60, DZ-65 and DZ-75 are divided into six types: DZ-40, DZ-50, DZ-50, DZ-65 and DZ-75, and are used in industrial developed countries. General is the United States Diamond Core Drill Manufacturers Association standards, including diamond core drilling with drill pipe, core tube tube, casing and steel alloy composition of the physical properties of the pipe and other relevant provisions.

T2 series Core Barrel in the use of the drill can effectively improve the connection strength is to ensure that the drill hole in the hole has a good performance performance of the key, drill pipe and connector connection methods are: ① thread connection; ② plasma arc welding; Friction welding. In order to improve the wear resistance of the drilling tool surface, in the drill pipe, especially the joint and its screw surface to take the surface heat treatment, chrome and the outer surface of the joint welding tungsten carbide wear layer and other methods, can greatly extend the life of the drill pipe.

T2 series Core Barrel In order to reduce the weight of the entire drill string, in the oil, natural gas and geological core drilling has been developed with steel joints connected aluminum magnesium zirconium or aluminum titanium drill pipe.

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