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T2-76 diamond core drill the use of methods and advantages

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T2-76 diamond core drill is how to play its roleIt is necessary to understand its use,Of course, before using the drill related preparations can not be less,Including the T2-76 diamond core drill inspection and accessories such as assembly.


Then you can start T2-76 diamond core drill buckle,First clean up T2-76 diamond core drill button or the mother button and smear the thread oil;And the shackle stuck in the T2-76 diamond core drill,Put down the drill string to make contact with the male buckle or female buckle;Put the drill bit and the tripod together into the carousel,Then tighten the buckle according to the corresponding buckle torque value.


After this step is followed by T2-76 diamond core drill drill,It should be noted that the speed of the drill bit must be slow down,Through the turntable, blowout preventer, casing hanger in particular to slow, in order to protect the cutting teeth.When about 1 root from the bottom of the well, begin to rotate at a drilling speed of 50 ~ 60rpm and pump a rated displacement to flush the bottom of the well;At the same time intended to observe refers to the heavy table and torque T2-76 diamond core drill steady contact bottom hole.


During the drilling of T2-76 diamond core drill, the drilling speed and drill bit should be adjusted in time to meet the change of formation or interlayer to maintain the best drilling efficiency.And when the T2-76 diamond core drill open the pump before touching the bottom of the well, slow down the diamond core drill T2-76 to a well at a speed of 50 ~ 60rpm;But also slowly restore pressure to the original diamond bit, and then increase the rate of penetration to the original drilling speed.


When the T2-76 diamond core drill in the soft - medium hard drilling,Can show the speed, footage and more, long life,Smooth work, fewer underground accidents, well-well quality and so on.And T2-76 diamond core drill itself not only use a long time, you can reuse, can save a lot of drilling costs.


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