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System composition and working principle of underground core drilling rig

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The underground core drilling rig has a relatively complex structure and consists mainly of machines, units, and mechanisms. As a mechanical equipment that drives drilling tools into the ground to obtain physical geological data, underground core drilling rigs are mainly used in the exploration or development of mineral resources (including solid ore, liquid ore, gas ore, etc.). Its main function is to drive the drilling tool to crush the rock at the bottom of the hole and to drill or raise the drill in the hole.


For example, in oil drilling, with the help of underground core drilling rigs, it can drive drilling tools to break rocks, drill underground, drill wells of a specified depth, and provide oil or natural gas for oil extraction or gas extraction. Under normal circumstances, it is mainly composed of eight parts: power machine, transmission machine, work machine and auxiliary equipment.


In other words, from a structural point of view, a set of underground core drilling rig equipment mainly includes eight systems, namely lifting system, rotating system, drilling fluid circulation system, transmission system, control system, monitoring display instrument and power driving system. Drilling rig base, rig auxiliary equipment system. The equipment should also have the ability to start and drill, rotary drilling, and circulation well washing. Its main equipments include: derricks, cranes, winches, travelling blocks, big hooks, turntables, taps and drilling pumps, power machines, linkage engines, solid control equipment and well control equipment.


Then, in practical applications, how does underground core rig equipment work? In fact, during its operation, the rings and the rings are connected by pins, the rings are welded together with the hooks, the barrel and the hooks are connected by left-hand threads, and the blocks are used to prevent the threads from loosening. The hook and the barrel can move up and down along the hook. The role of the inner and outer load springs is to allow the standing roots to buckle upwards and rebound upwards when drilling.


At the same time, in order to achieve the role of protection, in the underground core rig equipment, the damping effect of the oil flowing through it absorbs the impact shock of the hook body during the drilling operation and can prevent damage. Moreover, the upper end of the underground core drilling rig consists of six small springs and a positioning plate to form a positioning device, which facilitates the derrick operation.


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