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Surface set drill bit lip surface shape selection principle

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In different drilling work, we need to choose the appropriate drill. For example, drilling operations currently in progress, the more commonly used is the Surface set drill bit and impregnated bit. In oil and gas drilling and other large-diameter drilling, polycrystalline diamond bits are used in most cases. In fact, the moment most of the watch inlaid bits are made of natural diamond.


Combined with the use of view, the use of diamond size is mainly 15 to 60 / carats, as the specific size of the rock is mainly determined by the nature. Normally, natural diamonds used in Surface set drill bits are first rounded, depending on their quality, or they are heat-treated to eliminate their internal stresses.


It should be noted that, in considering the size of the particle size, but also pay attention to the surface of the drill bit face lip shape. Under normal circumstances, its lip cross-sectional shape is mainly combined with lithology, drill wall thickness and stability requirements and other work to determine the main principles are as follows:


First, if the shape of the lip of the Surface set drill bit is arc-shaped, the diameter of the arc should be greater than the thickness of the carcass at this time. This shape is more conducive to the protection of the inner and outer diameter of the drill, mainly for hard and hard rock formations, the use of a wide range.


The second shape is a semicircle, in which case the diameter of the circular arc is consistent with the thickness of the carcass. The advantage of this shape is that it effectively alleviates excessive wear of the gauge blade. In fact, this Surface set drill bit is mainly used for hard and soft layer of abrasive rock.


Also included are three different shapes, such as multi-stepped, inner tapered, and outer tapered. Among them, the multi-stepped face-mounted drill with lip face is mainly used for medium-hard and hard rock formation, which is good for rock breaking and guiding. The last watch-bit is mainly used for softer and brittle strata, Used for double pipe and rope coring bit.


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