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Structural Characteristics and Drilling Technology Requirements of Engineering geological drilling rig

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Engineering geological drilling rig  are mainly used for drilling rigs when they are used. The typical models are TXJ-1600, and the depth of the equipment is drilled at a depth of 50 to 1,600 meters and a diameter of 1,200 When used mainly for vertical and tilt within 450 of geological exploration hole.

Engineering geological drilling rig in the operation is mainly the use of its mechanical transmission, the whole structure of the device is simple and easy to repair and operation, drilling machine will be equipped with water brake device, in use can control the drilling speed, effectively reduce the reel, Parts of the wear and tear.

Engineering geological drilling rig to effectively eliminate the impact of lifting system, to a certain extent, to ensure the safety of the rig, the equipment in the original rig on the technical improvements, the clutch part of the increase in shaft diameter device to enhance the power of the shaft, and rig gearbox The gear is also on the basis of the original material and technology to strengthen the improvement.

Many parts of the engineering geological rig are the use of TSJ-2000E water source drilling rig components, mechanical transmission, turntable rotation, vertical shaft rotation, hydraulic cylinder feeding structure, to a certain extent, to enhance the capacity of large and vertical through the large, Wide range, the advantages of low center of gravity.

Engineering geological drilling rig to a certain extent, can effectively meet the diamond drilling, the carbide drilling and rope core drilling process requirements, the rig can be equipped with electric motors or diesel engine two power for the user according to the operating environment or conditions Make a choice.

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