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Rock core mining rate and rock core finishing

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1. For rock formations that require coring, the average overall hole take rate shall not be less than 65%.Mineralization belt, an important sign layer and the seam and the roof above the junction and seam and the bottom of the three to five meters below the rock formation, the average take rate generally not less than 75%. Not require coring rock formations, does not calculate the take rate.

2. Recoverable thin seam (thickness less than four to five meters), the average rate of each layer generally not less than 75%.The thicker seam, starting from the junction of the seam with the roof, shall generally have an average rate of less than 75% per five or ten meters of seam.

3. In some cases, the average rate of rock formation, seam mining need to be above or below the above requirements and the strata of some holes need to stratify the adoption rate, according to the needs and possible principles can be made in the design specific index.

4. Rock (mine) heart rate taken according to the following formula:

Rock (mine) heart take rate = × 100%

In the formula, the length of footage and the length of the rock (mine) refer to the actual footage taken in and removed from the solid rock (mine) layer. Excluding the design requirements, the excavated pit, void, surface covering , Floating soil layer, sand layer footage and remove material.

5. The machine is responsible for the core cleaning, top-down order packing, painted or oil-coated pen on the core write back the number of times, the total number of pieces and block number (soft, broken, powder and easy Soluble rock core should be placed in a cloth bag or plastic bag), use a pencil to write the core card, put the core partition, and safekeeping.


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