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Rock core drill bit using the rules

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Speaking of the use of rock core drill bit rules, the new drill into the hole before it should be fit with the reamer outer diameter to maintain appropriate, the next to say, that is, to pay attention to must be to make the core drill diameter Corresponds to core diameter. At the beginning of drilling, the initial pressure on it is also to be noted that it must be smaller until the new drill lip shape corresponds to the bottom of the hole after the ring, and then apply normal pressure.


In addition, in fact, we must pay attention to that we must conscientiously implement the "diamond core drill drilling procedures" and the implementation details of a mining practice, can effectively improve the life of the core drill. In its operation when it is necessary to pay attention to weight-on-bit, speed and pump the three technical parameters should pay attention to reasonable cooperation.


For the drilling fluid on the core bit must pay attention to  have a good lubrication drag reduction effect; and its exception when the drill bit is banned; In addition, we actually have to pay attention to Retaining the free inner diameter is concerned, which is smaller than the inner diameter of the bit 0.3 ~ 0.5mm; on the inner diameter of the drill pipe, short cut or the seat with the retainer should maintain appropriate clearance.



On the single-core performance of the drill bit should pay attention to better, then, on its concentricity that is, it should be better, it is on the screw that is to be kept in good condition, can not be a crack Also, there is no bend on its own.


Finally, on the use of rock core drill bit, that is, be careful not to directly under the bottom, followed by, that is, to pay attention to the need to maintain the bottom of the hole must be clean, must be someone to operate , When driving the decompression, the start is to pay attention must be to remain stable, the core plug and its drilling rate plummeted, the footage can not exceed the length of the core drill pipe.


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