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Prevent drill off, falling and running accident should comply with the following provisions

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1. A variety of pipes, fittings, couplings must be classified according to the level of storage and use. Poor for stable boreholes or upper part of borehole. Each machine must be equipped with a check tool to measure the degree of wear and tear. Bent drill pipe, core tube, to be aligned in time. Ascending and descending drilling tools should always observe the degree of wear and tear drill, found that failed to be replaced promptly. Pipe bending and wear exceeding the limit shall not be used under the hole.

2. Thicker part of the drill pipe, threaded length, taper, etc. must meet the standard requirements. Drilling a crack, threading serious wear and deformation, such as the connection Kuang phenomenon, are not allowed to use under the hole.

3. Long-term withdrawal of the pipe, fishing tools, in the next hole must undergo a rigorous examination.

4. Sweep holes, reaming, sweeping off the core must be hooked lift device, and control the sweep speed.

5. Drill can not be suspended for a long time to turn.

6. Pull, string, top, hit and other methods to deal with accidents when the drill pipe threading easy to loose, you must often re-tighten with manpower.

7. Drilling with steel-based mining area, should be based on the rock and construction conditions, the provisions of the maximum back to drilling time. After each round of drilling must check the bit and core pipe thread. Core tube should pay attention to U-turn use.

8. In case of drilling resistance in the event of excessive reversal of the drill rig sharp, do not drastic move drilling and forced driving, the drill should be slowly screwed on the buckle, and then for processing.

9. Drilling encountered cave, immediately turn off the car to mention drilling. Drill rods can be used to test the depth of the cave. When drilling in karst caves, the core tube must be of sufficient length to use a sharp carbide drill bit and to turn slowly. Pass through the cave and enter the casing to isolate the cave as appropriate.

10. In the light weight of the drill, the connection wire fastened to enhance the drill, should first remove the drill pipe with a wrench, and then continue to shackle lemon machine.


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