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Pregnant diamond drill bit speed and diamond particle size determination

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Pregnant diamond drill bit speed and the size of the  diamond has a great relationship, to achieve high-speed drilling, the hole at the end of the rock powder produced more requirements of the bit row of powder is better, so the drill must use coarse diamond, Is conducive to achieve the purpose of high speed.


Pregnant diamond drill bit in the drilling process, requiring the diamond to continue to produce metabolism, in order to ensure the normal diamond drilling. This requires the wear and tear of the diamond at the same time, the carcass must continue to wear, while the wear of the carcass is broken down through the diamond powder to achieve.



The speed of rock carcass wear depends on the particle size, hardness and amount of rock powder. The particle size and hardness of the rock powder are related to the rock itself, and the amount of rock powder depends on the drilling time. Drilling aging is high, the amount of rock produced on the more, so out of the row of powder considerations, the requirements of the diamond should also be larger particle size.


The greater the amount of rock powder below the carcass, the greater the particle size of the diamond, and the amount of rock powder depends on factors such as drilling time, tire length, outlet width, bit line speed and other factors, the length of the tire, , The amount of rock powder and drilling aging is proportional to, and drill bit line speed is inversely proportional.


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