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Precautions for casing use

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The preparatory work under the casing pipe

     1. Clear hole remaining core, rock powder and steel.

     2. Using different diameter pilot drill first eye.

     3. Measure the length of the casing one by one and record it in the class report.

     4. Use a standard drill bit smaller than one meter below the core pipe, check the casing is smooth.


Rules that must be observed in the casing pipe

     1. Carefully check the casing thread. Casing threaded application of adhesive (such as rosin, asphalt or epoxy), firmly tightened.

     2. Under the casing to be light, to prevent running pipe, strong pier prohibiting hard twist.

     3. Casing should be seated on the bedrock hard disk, the bottom of the casing should be sealed with clay or cement. The upper end of the casing must also be tightly closed to prevent rock dust from sinking in.

     4. The outer casing to be coated with high viscosity grease, reducing the resistance when lifting.


Regulations must be observed for pulling out the casing

     1. When there is a large number of bores in the hole, Lifting and loosening with a crane first then lift it with a lift.

     2. Casing difficult to pull up, cut pipe can be used to cut the casing section, the section from the pull.


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