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Pin connection and brake device for Wire line core drilling rig

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Wire line core drilling rig in the course of its use between the rings and rings will be used between the pin connection, the rings and hook rod welded together, the cylinder and the hook with the left screw thread connection, and with the stop block to prevent thread loosening The The hook body and the barrel can be moved down and down along the hook. The effect of the inner and outer load springs is that the drill can be lifted upwards.

The core of the Wire line core drilling rig will be effectively equipped with oil, thrust bearing seat ring will be effectively divided into two parts of the oil chamber, the seat will be open on the oil hole, due to the role of oil damping, Absorb the drilling operation of the hook when the impact of vibration, can prevent the drill pipe joint thread damage.

Underground mining drilling rig.jpg

The core of the Wire line core drilling rig is mainly composed of six small springs and positioning plate composed of positioning device, in use will be used by positioning and ring seat ring contact between the friction surface, you can prevent the lifting of the elevator when the lifting ring Transposition, when the drill work, it is strictly prohibited to remove the protective cover.

Before the start of the work, the Wire line core drilling rig needs to check the reliability of the brake device and the working performance of the friction clutch and the starting device before the work is started. It is forbidden to check the drilling machine before the motor is stopped. It is strictly forbidden to fasten any part on the rig.

When the Wire line core drilling rig is running, it is strictly forbidden to refuel. The upper pulley of the mast should be carried out when the rig is stopped. Before the motor is stopped, it is not allowed to work on the mast. In any case, no other person is allowed to stay under the mast when the upper part of the mast is working.

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