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Pcd diamond drill bit are expanding

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As technology matures, Pcd diamond drill bits have also been widely used in applications ranging from sporadic applications in the machining of aeronautic components and electronics, which are now becoming difficult to machine for machining in aerospace, electronics, automotive, medical equipment and other industries Materials, conventional tools, and the scope of application is still expanding.


Through the special working conditions, Pcd diamond drill bit with complex drill tip shape can be prepared, and the diameter of the drill bit can be as small as φ0.4mm, so it is suitable for high-speed and high-efficiency drilling. At present, the drill bit can be used to process green cemented carbide, aluminum-based composite materials, reinforced composite ceramics, various grades of aluminum, etc. The processing targets include the automobile engine shell, the transmission box body and the sparge of the new jet fighter.


Because the use of Pcd diamond drill bit, the possibility of tool failure can be significantly reduced, then the bit of hard material drilling process can play a significant role in improving, so that the original complex process easier and greatly Improve the processing efficiency of the workpiece.


The traditional application areas of Pcd diamond drill bits are mainly aeronautical manufacturing for processing carbon fiber reinforced plastic workpieces. However, with the continuous development of high-speed machining technology, Pcd diamond drill bits and other rotary tools are bound to be more widely used, because the machine tool High-speed machining with spindle speeds in excess of 10,000 rpm has little effect on diamond tools used on high-rigidity machine tools.


If the use of hard alloy drill bit processing, the drill bit easily blunt and cause burr burr, and after the change to Pcd diamond drill stop, although the cost of the drill bit itself increased a lot, but the tool life is thus extended, In the long run it is still very economical.


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