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Optimized design of each component in NQ drill bit

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NQ drill bit is one of the components of the drilling tool, which plays a cutting role in the whole drilling process, especially its cutting edge part and chisel edge. In order to get a better processing effect, according to the workpiece material appropriate choice NQ bit.


During operation, the NQ drill bit is rotated about the vertical axis while moving axially so that the soil is cut by the torque and axial force of the NQ drill bit, and is crushed and crushed by the squeezing and centrifugal force of the working blade , Forming a flow of soil pressure pit wall, along the page uplift to the surface. When the soil movement to the non-pit stop, due to centrifugal force was thrown around the pit soil, and thus complete the entire operation process.


For the NQ drill, the design of the chisel part is related to the diameter of the chisel, and the chisel edge is also larger when the center of the chisel is thicker. In addition, the horizontal edge grinding NQ bit in the re-grinding, the horizontal edge will become larger, in order to increase the sharpness, or restore the same initial sharp and sharp, need to carry out horizontal edge grinding.


The role of the land in the NQ drill is to guide the machined hole walls so that the machining can be done correctly. Spiral groove is completely set for the discharge of chips, it should be the size of the chip should be discharged smoothly, and should have a helix angle. The helix angle of the groove varies according to the type of material of the workpiece.


The corner design of the NQ drill is also important, so the top-notch NQ drill is used in the hole machining of soft materials; usually about 120 degrees for typical steel materials. After a reasonable match, NQ drill can play an important role in the corresponding range.


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