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NX diamond bit in the application of any advantage?

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In practice, the quality of the NX diamond bits used, their type specifications, and their suitability to formation lithologies often have a direct impact on drilling speed and drilling efficiency. In general, drilling multiple wells may require the use of multiple NX diamond bits of different sizes, such as larger diameter drills when drilling the upper formation.


In the meantime, it is usually necessary to use a smaller-diameter NX diamond drill bit when drilling the sub-formation. Because of the relatively high hardness of these substrates, a single drill has less footage per inch and therefore often requires the use of multiple drills. In other words, how much a new drill drills down depends mainly on the drill bit size, type, hard and soft strata and drilling parameters.



So, in practical applications, what kind of advantage of this drill? Overall, the smaller the NX diamond bit size, the harder the formation, the smaller the gauge and vice versa. As the design of the time, especially the use of force balance design, which can ensure a good drill bit orientation can be well with the downhole motor used in directional drilling, with less radial vibration.


In addition, in different workplaces, using different rationalization arrangement, can make NX diamond drill bit has strong aggression and anti-abrasive. Thanks to its aggressive design, it ensures a high penetration rate and a high working efficiency.


In addition, the use of NX diamond drill bit in the drilling process, due to the use of a more advanced dynamic flow field simulation technology, which can make the bottom hole flow field optimization, so as to enhance chip removal speed And mudguard provides a convenient condition.


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